Welcome to Synergy Concepts Inc.

Synergy Concepts, Inc. supplies, installs, inspects, repairs and maintains communication structures, antenna/transmission line systems and equipment shelters.

Mission Statement

To understand, then to safely and efficiently respond to our customers needs pertaining to supplying, installing, inspecting and maintaining communication structures, antennas/transmission line systems, equipment shelters and site equipment.

To manage our resources and supplies to adequately respond to, and meet the needs and quality expectations of our internal and external customers.

Company News
We now have offices in St. Louis, MO and Denver, CO. Synergy Concepts, Inc. has expanded and will continue to do so as the needs for a complete tower company arise. Our goals and standards are set high as always for customer satisfaction.

A Message To Our Customers

Synergy Concepts, Inc. started eight years ago in St. Louis, MO as a local tower maintenance company. Currently, Synergy is designed for quick response troubleshooting as well as traditional communications construction and modification in the Midwest and Western state regions. By focusing on the long-term needs of our customers through careful documentation, stock-material customization, and specialized training, we seek to be the preferred contractor for our customers.

Synergy records and files all work activity for each customer. Our technicians complete survey forms for each customer site visited to record the system specifications. This documentation provides us with an extensive customer knowledge base that enables us to provide our customers with the services they need when they need them. Our unique vehicle stocking program effectively eliminates most material-based service obstacles and allows our technicians to service a customer site on the first trip.

Our employees are among the best trained tower hands in the industry. After passing the new-hire screening process, Synergy probationary technicians are run through a one-week "boot camp" course at our St. Louis facility. This course provides a core understanding of the materials and processes involved in wireless communications and emphasizes antenna and line installations. At the end of the course, trainees are given an extensive test, including an actual antenna system installation on our training tower. The employee is then closely monitored and trained for the next 90 days under a mentor program. After the successful completion of the 90 day probationary period, employees are given full technician status and subsequently trained in more complicated processes. This detailed technician training includes specific customer system configurations.

Synergy is an OSHA compliant, safety-oriented company. Our 100% attachment policy means that you will not have to worry about one of our technicians falling on your site. Any technician over six feet off the ground is 100% attached or they will be terminated. We take this very seriously. Our sites are hard hat areas and our tools are kept in good condition. The training is the first 90 days includes 100% attachment climbing techniques and our technicians are outfitted with full harnesses and multiple lanyards.

Our goal is to be your preferred vendor for all your tower construction and maintenance needs. We operate with levels of quality and safety far above industry standards, and we look forward to the opportunity to prove that to you. Please contact Stan Sherod in the St. Louis, MO office or Josh King in the Denver, CO office to let us know how Synergy Concepts, Inc. can be of service to you.

Synergy Concepts, Inc. is proud to be certified by NATE and is OSHA compliant.


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