Company Vision

Synergy Concepts, Inc. is in the business of supplying, installing, inspecting, repairing, and maintaining telecommunications structures, antenna/transmission line systems, and equipment shelters. Our vision for the year 2002 and beyond can be summarized in each critical area as follows:


  • We will be recognized as the pre-eminent provider of telecommunication infrastructure services to wireless providers, paging providers, general contractors, municipalities, corporations, and wireless internet providers in the St. Louis, MO and Denver, CO metropolitan areas.
  • We will be the primary / preferred service provider for our clients in at least two of our product / service areas.

  • We will exceed our "geographical" target markets in conjunction with the service coverage needs of our largest clients.
  • Our customers will rave about us, engage in repeat / regular services (80% of client base), and provide referrals to others on a consistent basis.


  • All associates will engage in comprehensive and on-going safety / operational training.
  • We will provide an environment for safety, personal growth, and success for all of our associates.
  • There will be a Director of Operations to oversee overall operations, Project Managers to oversee the performance of multiple crews comprised on Team Leaders and crewmembers.
  • We will be structured by crews - with each Crew Leader accountable for its results. There will be a minimum of 8 crews (of 3 - 4 technicians). Types of crews include "local", "traveling", and "swing" crews.
  • Our office administration infrastructure and "systems" will effectively support the needs of our clients and production crews.
  • We will set an example for teamwork and distinguish ourselves with it.
  • Our best employees will have no reason to consider pursuing careers elsewhere.
  • We will consistently meet the needs of our highest performing associates.
  • Retention rate of associates and staff will be among the highest in the industry.


  • Safety is the primary operational goal. This will be achieved through the effective implementation of safe, formal working practices and continuous training.
  • We will deliver to our clients the highest level of professional, quality, and efficient service.
  • We will effectively leverage the most current technology and continually expand our areas of expertise in order to develop a competitive advantage.
  • We will provide an operational "platform" for all associates to excel in meeting the minimum standard.
  • Compliance will be an primary concern and regulatory requirements will be our minimum standard.
  • We will engage in continuous process improvements and operational initiatives based on key performance indicators obtained through timely and accurate reporting procedures.
  • We will actively and regularly engage in customer feedback, as a measure for both customer satisfaction and continuous process improvement.

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